“The goal of terrorists is to instil a level of fear in the public disproportionate to the actual threat.”


Chris Murphy, American Senator, Connecticut


I am currently reading” “The Better Angels of our Nature” by Steven Pinker because it was  recommended by Bill Gates and if I remember correctly he said that this book should be given to everyone on the day they graduate. So on the basis that my first born will graduate next month, I needed to explore it first myself and so far I agree, it is brilliant, beautifully written and thoughtful and full of wisdom.  Although first published in 2011, this quote seems particularly relevant right now:

“People today think of the world as a uniquely dangerous place.  It’s hard to follow the news without a mounting dread of terrorist attacks, a clash of civilisations, and the use of weapons of mass destruction.  But we are apt to forget the dangers that filled the news a few decades ago and to be blasé about the good fortune that so many of them have fizzled out…..The 1960s and 1970s were a vastly more brutal and menacing time than the one in which we live.”

Sleep well, enjoy each day because it is a gift, encourage a rational perspective with those you meet and finally try not to worry too much!





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